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CMS Dress Code
Assistant Principal Melanie Faulkner is interviewed about the reinforcement of the CMS dress code.

Junk to Funk
An interview with Jeff Erwin, visiting percussion artist and owner of Trashcan Lid Productions.  (5 min. 50 sec.) posted-2/9/11

NELMS Visiting Team
An interview with the New England League of Middle Schools (NELMS) visiting assessment team. (4 min. 26 sec) posted- 2/15/11

8th to 9th Grade Registration
A conversation with Carol Trecosta, CMS Guidance Counselor and Rhianna Cote, CMS Guidance Intern about the 9th grade registration process. (7 min. 30 sec.) posted- 2/22/11

5th to 6th Grade Transition
6th grade parents are interviewed about their prior concerns over transitioning their elementary school children to a much larger CMS. (8 min. 47 sec.) posted- 3/8/11

Marina Forbes, Matroyshka Artist
Ms. Forbes is a visiting artist that works with Ms. Tremblay's 7th grade social studies students and their parents. She teaches how to paint Russian Nesting Dolls (Matroyshka Dolls) while telling stories about her culture. (3 min. 31 sec.) posted-3/8/11

Meet Mr. Vallincourt, 7th grade Sci. Teacher
An entertaining conversation with substitute science teacher Joe Vallincourt. (6 min. 30 sec.) posted 4/12/11

Ben Baldwin and the Big Note
A conversation with local, musical icon Ben Baldwin, including a musical excerpt from his recent concert performed at CMS. posted- 4/19/11 (7 min. 6 sec.)