Educator's Role

In the near future, our children will share the responsibility of maintaining and perpetuating the spirit and structure of our nation. It is our task, as educators, parents and community members, to prepare these children for this responsibility. Our children must ultimately function as successful learners, skilled researchers, effective communicators, resourceful problem solvers and responsible citizens.As educators of adolescents, we are sensitive to the fact that each child is the product of a different home and reflects the values nurtured there. These children embody a wide range of intellectual, vocational, artistic, physical and emotional capacities, needs and interests. We recognize these differences as we provide a learning environment conducive to individual attainment and maturation, through a challenging curriculum that offers high expectations.

Self and Community

We deal with adolescents who are becoming increasingly concerned with themselves and their image in the eyes of others. These years are intensely exploratory and our students are continually forced to determine and assess their individual values in the face of societies mores and changing expectations. This is a crucial transition. Each staff member, supportive and compassionate to these struggling and developing personalities, is committed to helping each child toward the realization that the individual has great worth and potential.While the school encourages development of the self, it does not allow the individual to usurp the importance of the group. Society cannot continue unless students are shown how to live cooperatively and safely with each other and with society. The faculty, together with the parents and community will strive to provide a healthy and safe environment in which all can maximize their individuality and potential.

Dignity and Respect

We intend to provide and environment, which will foster dignity and respect for all. Our school and its programs are open to all students without regard to race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, national origin or disability. All laws to this end will be followed promptly and effectively.


This is a statement or our ultimate goals, with the full realization that the achievement of them is an ongoing process of self-evaluation in order to determine our success in accomplishing these goals. Part of this process is to assess periodically the validity of the goals.