Technology Education & STEM

Technology Education, 8th Grade Unified Arts

Andrew Irving, ext. 8748

STEM. 7th Grade Unified Arts

Erin Sheffer, ext. 8828


8th Grade Tech Ed:

In Technology Education we will focus on design, engineering, and troubleshooting with an emphasis placed on hands-on-learning. Students will receive training with the various tools and technology available to them in order to employ their use in problem solving based projects.

3D Printing

Students will learn to create simple 3 dimensional figures, and move on to more complex forms. Students will create a product prototype to be 3D printed. These skills will be utilized in other projects.

C180 Laser

Students will learn to use Corel Draw in order to utilize the Laserpro C180 laser cutter/engraver. This machine can engrave almost any material other than uncoated metals, and can cut soft materials like wood and foam board. These skills will be used to create parts of their electricity project.

Engineering and Model Bridges.

Students will use SketchUp, the same design software they used for 3D printing to design a model of a truss bridge. They can use a known type of truss, or create their own. This project will utilize the engineering design process, as we will test and analyze the bridge. The model will be constructed from balsa wood and tested. Students will analyze the point of failure and redesign accordingly.


We will cover basic electricity, soldering and be working with low voltage DC power sources. Students will gain an understanding of simple circuits, switches, voltage, amperage, resistance, and electric motors. Students will utilize the knowledge from this and previous units to produce a personalized parallel circuit with LED lights as a project. If time allows we will explore coding as well as wiring circuit controlled by Arduino Boards.

7th Grade STEM:

7th Grade STEM is a quarter long class focusing on solving real-world issues and problems through hands-on learning, teamwork, and technology.

This class emphasizes creativity, innovation, critical thinking, collaboration and problem-solving through science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

STEM lessons are guided by the engineering design process. In this process, students define problems, conduct background research, develop multiple ideas for solutions, create a prototype, and then test, evaluate and redesign them.

Performance tasks in this class include designing and building bridges and boats. Exploring engineering careers and developing coding skills through Minecraft for Education will also be covered. This class will be enriching, fun and eye-opening!