Computer Education
person using computer mouse
image of Donna Swanson
Computer Science:

The overarching objective of the CMS (Cooperative Middle School) Computer Science curriculum is to empower students with a robust technological skill set that not only enriches their academic journey but also equips them with essential tools for personal productivity. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to prepare students for the dynamic demands of higher education and the ever-evolving career landscape of the 21st century.

In pursuit of this mission, our students engage in immersive and comprehensive projects that span a wide spectrum of digital competencies. For example, students will hone their research and source-citing abilities, begin to master the intricacies of coding, harness the potential of spreadsheets for data analysis, and refine their skills in crafting compelling digital presentations. Our curriculum takes students on an exciting journey where they become proficient in leveraging technology as a means to both facilitate their learning and enhance their personal productivity.

Students also delve into the realm of responsible digital citizenship, gaining a profound understanding of the ethical considerations that underpin technology usage. They examine real-life scenarios that underscore the significance of making judicious choices when navigating the digital landscape. This includes discerning the potential consequences and perils that lurk within the vast expanse of the Internet.

The CMS Computer Science curriculum not only empowers students with the skills required to excel academically, but also instills in them a profound sense of responsibility and awareness when it comes to technology.

This piece was created with the assistance of Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer (ChatGPT) , an Artificial Intelligence tool and an example of curriculum covered in our classes.

image of Donna Swanson helping a student use a laptop
image of Jennifer Middaugh
image of Jennifer Middaugh teaching her students