Activities for Students!

Your teachers have provided you with lessons and activities to work on virtually over the next few weeks. Staying active and up-to-date with your classwork is important! Below are some links to mindfulness, yoga, and other activities for you to incorporate into your day. Brain breaks, movement, and fun are important while you're learning, too!

Stay Active
image of people forming a group circle with their feet
Activities and Fun

*Pick a topic you'd like to learn about and spend 30 minutes each day on that topic

*Write a letter and/or email to a different friend or family member each day

*Races of various kinds in the backyard (hopping on one foot, crab-walk, walking backwards, etc.)

*Try stop motion animation with play dough

*FaceTime your friends and family

*Board games, card games


*Arts and Crafts (card making, sewing, drawing, kinetic sand, sidewalk chalk, making slime, etc.!)


*Making Forts (and reading in them!)

*Plan a scavenger hunt around your house/yard

*Play with your pets

*Learn to cook or bake something (with permission/help from a parent!)

*Be active, walk outside, ride your bike, play soccer in your yard, get some fresh air every day!