Computer Education
person using computer mouse
image of Donna Swanson
Computer Science:

Donna Swanson, ext.8825

Introduction to Computers and Technology is a 9 week, project-based course. It is designed to bring the technology proficiency of grade seven students to the intermediate and sometimes advanced levels. We are all Google! Students connect on Chromebooks to Google apps and extensions. Emphasis is in using technology as a means of appropriate collaboration and problem resolution. By mastering fundamental concepts, students will develop a strong base that will support their learning for years to come. Units include keyboarding, social networking, G-suite, career exploration, and

image of Donna Swanson helping a student use a laptop
image of Jennifer Middaugh
Computer Science:

Jennifer Middaugh, ext. 8809

The goal of CMS 8th grade curriculum is to further develop technology skills for both academic learning and personal productivity in becoming college and career ready in the 21st century. Through comprehensive projects, students work to advance their skills in research and citing sources, keyboarding, coding, spreadsheets, and digital presentations. In addition, students will examine real-life scenarios demonstrating the importance of responsible decision making when using technology and understand the potential consequences and dangers of the Internet. Units include Website portfolio, Spreadsheets, Naviance, Keyboarding, Digital Footprint, and

image of Jennifer Middaugh teaching her students