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The Cooperative Middle School (CMS) community is committed to providing its students with an appropriate and challenging curriculum. CMS is dedicated to providing research-based instructional practices designed to meet the unique blend of diverse intelligence that each student possesses. Moreover, the faculty and staff acknowledge and embrace the notion that middle school-aged students not only have developmental needs that differ from their elementary and high school counterparts but also, found within this unique stage of development lies the potential for tremendous academic and personal growth. As such, the faculty and staff of the Cooperative Middle School work hard to deliver instruction to ensure that each Cooperative Middle School student will demonstrate:

The skills needed to read, write, view and listen effectively.

Competence in mathematical reasoning and computational skills.

An understanding of the physical, biological and geographical world.

An understanding of the history, culture, and arts of America and the world.

Knowledge of computers and other forms of technology.

An understanding of career choices open to them and the skills needed to attain them.

The curriculum is established jointly by CMS faculty and various SAU 16 curriculum committees in accordance with standards developed by the State of New Hampshire. The curriculum is then approved by the Exeter Region Cooperative School Board and is reviewed and revised by the appropriate curriculum committee regularly.


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