High Ropes Elements
image of High ropes elements students participating in related activities
What is the High Ropes Course and High Ropes Elements?

A high ropes course is a series of group and individual activities set from 40 to 65 feet off of the ground using cables, ropes, pulleys and bolts attached to trees. High ropes elements require a specific set of safety equipment and skills that all participants must obtain. Using something called Belaying, participants on the ground keep participants in the air safe. Because the environment is controlled, participants are able to take healthy risks and push themselves to their physical and emotional point where dramatic growth can occur. People who participate in a high ropes course program often find that their self-esteem is increased and that they have become more aware of their strengths and limitations.

By giving individuals this interactive, hands-on (experiential) activity, they are able to apply abstract philosophies and skillsets to a concrete task in a fun, safe, non-competitive atmosphere. With the assistance of a highly trained facilitator, individuals can learn valuable character-building lessons that they can carry with them their entire lives. High ropes programs give participants the opportunity to build relationships with their peers (you learn to really trust people when they are the ones supporting you from 50 feet below you!) and develop extremely valuable group skills such as trust, trustworthiness, support, and encouragement. For many people, a high ropes program can be a positive, life-changing experience.

For more information on experiential education and the ropes course philosophy, please visit the links at the bottom of our Ropes Course page.