Low Ropes Elements
image of Low Elements ropes students participating in related activities
What is the Low Ropes Course and Low Ropes Elements?

A low ropes course is constructed with wood, cables, rope, and bolts designed to develop teambuilding skills amongst a group of participants through specially designed activities. Most elements are on the ground or just a few feet off of the ground and are not limited to athletic participants. The group must problem-solve to complete the challenge of each individual element. Before a group can begin, a specific set of rules, limitations, and challenges are given to them. The group process begins, with a trained facilitator standing by to monitor risk management and observe group interactions. After the activity is completed, usually within a specified time limit, the facilitator guides the individuals through a reflection and processing time where themes such as leadership; scapegoating; active listening; feedback, etc emerge.

By giving the group an interactive, hands-on (experiential) activity, they are able to apply abstract philosophies and skillsets to a concrete task in a fun, engaging, non-competitive atmosphere. Ideally, with the assistance of the facilitator, these lessons are then transferred and applied to the participants' real-life environment (be that school, the workplace, home, etc.) Generally, the processing follows the experiential learning model of What? So What? Now What? What next?

For more information on experiential education and the ropes course philosophy, please visit the links at bottom of the ropes course page.