School Counselors
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Staff Members
Counseling Department

Jenn Place, Administrative Assistant Kimberly Paynter, School Psychologist Kristen Podolsky, Behavior Interventionist Dr. John Potter, School Psychologist Morgan Quealy, School Social Worker

6th Grade Counselors: Katelyn Beach, Counselor - Teams 3 & 4

Carol Trecosta, Counselor - Teams 1 & 2

7th Grade Counselors: Steve McDonald, Counselor - Teams 5 & 8

Rebecca Saunders, Counselor -Teams 6 & 7

8th Grade Counselors: Lisa Sloan, Counselor - Teams 9 & 12

Brianna Taylor, Counselor - Teams 10 & 11

Middle School Counselors Offer a Variety of Services

Guidance Curriculum:

-Social Responsibility -Diversity Awareness -Stress Management -Media Literacy -Naviance -Healthy Relationships -Transitions

Responsive Services:

-Individual & Group Counseling -Crisis Counseling -Peer Mediation -Consultation (parent & teacher) -Educational Support

Individual Planning:

-Appraisal -Advisement -Placement -Follow-up

System Support:

-Research & Development -Professional Development -Staff/Community Relations -Program Management