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STEAM Staff Members

Check out all the amazing things our STEAM team & their students are building and creating!

8th grade
feet on dance board

Students wired dance boards and coded their own video game using music composed by CMS students in Mr. Kobb's classes!

7th grade Balloon launches
balloon launch1

Students launching their hot air balloons in STEAM class.

6th Grade Paper Circuit Expo
steam students

Students illuminated their self-designed creations using LED diodes wired through series and parallel circuits.

7th grade: 3d printing guest speaker
Guest speaker on Zoom

A University of Pennsylvania materials scientist answers questions from 7th graders about the possibilities of 3D printing.

8th Grade Food Truck Fair

Students designed menus with competitive pricing, created effective marketing and advertising, and engineered 3D printed truck designs using Sketchup.  We had a Food Truck Fair where students used "money" to simulate a real world business model to find the most profitable food truck! 

7th graders
3d printed pins

Students designed and printed 3D pins to honor and celebrate our brave United States Veterans.

8th Grade: 

Students built hydraulic arms and designed a series of challenges and obstacles for their fellow peers to attempt.  

7th Grade Student aerial drone selfies!