Title 1

Samantha Bergeron – Title 1 Math Coordinator and Instructor

(603) 775 - 8759

Ann Hadwen – Title 1 District Manager

(603) 775 – 8647

Title 1 Math Lab

Title 1 federal funds at the Cooperative Middle School go towards the Title 1 Math Lab program. Math Lab is a supplemental tutoring service that is provided through the school during a student’s off-team class period. Students meet every other day in the school's Math Lab classroom to work on reviewing past skills and mastering skill gaps in their background knowledge.


Students who are performing below the 41st percentile on state standardized tests are eligible to enroll in Title 1 Math Lab [students who have a specific math goal in their IEP are not eligible for Title 1 services as they will be supported through Special Education services]. Other factors for selected eligibility are

  • NWEA Test Results
  • NHSAS Test Results
  • Student’s Academic Grade
  • Student’s Class Placement
  • Teacher Recommendations
  • Teacher Concerns in the Classroom
    • Computation
    • Understanding Concepts
    • Application
    • Written Response
    • Work Completion
  • Parent Permission

For more information on the Title 1 program here at CMS, please see our Targeted Assistance School Plan.

If you require assistance with accessing any of the information on this page, please contact Ellen Sargent at: esargent@sau16.org or call 603.775.8711.