2018-2019 CMS PTO FOCUS: CMS Community

    • We are currently seeking out bids for shade sails for our courtyard and will be talking with a student led gardening club whose desire is to bring beauty into the courtyard while creating a relaxing environment.
    • Continue to refine community events that we host such as the Holiday Workshop and Snowball Express and Bingo Night
    • Be a welcoming presences at the Open Houses and spring transition night for incoming 6th graders.
    • Initiate, with the support of CMS administration, recess bins that would be available to all CMS students during their lunch recess and team time.

School Supply Boxes are Back!!!!

Order dates are May 31st to June 14th, 2019

Let the CMS PTO make back to school shopping easy peasy lemon squeezy! If you are interested in ordering a school supply box simply click on the link provided, use the access code, order up what you need, and sit back and relax during the summer months. Supply lists from teams will be handed out during move up day that is scheduled June 3rd. As a parent you can decide if ordering the supply box is the best option for you and your child.

We have changed things up a bit this year based on parent and teacher feedback:

  • The bulk order box, we call it the basic supply box, has enough pens, pencils, paper, and general supplies, but does not include the binder.
  • We are offering two options for a binder in the additional items list because you know your child best.
    • A three ring binder
    • A zip up binder with a strap
  • Additional order options give parents and students access to supplies needed for home, additional courses, or other items such as a backpack, lunch box, or thermos.
  • Pick up dates will be:
    • August 20th from 7:30 am-9 am, 11am-12:pm, and 1 pm to 3pm. This is the scheduled new 6th grader orientation day.
    • August 22nd 2:30-4:00 pm
    • August 23rd 2:30-4:00 pm
    • Any orders not picked up will be distributed to the child’s science room in their pod area.
  • Account number: 88675
  • The CMS PTO does not order extra boxes; therefore, none will be available in the fall if not purchased.


We collect all year long! Last year we collected $826.00. Imagine if each of our students were to bring in just 50 Box Tops? We would net $6,500!!


Robin Marquis and Kim Houghtaling


Susan Wilbur

Recording Secretary:

Tami Gunst

Additional community & CMS staff members:

Andrea Benson, Elizabeth Dion, Pat Glennon

CMS Administration Support:

Lauren McGrath and Patty Wons

We welcome all new members and are appreciative of peoples time and assistance.

CMS 2018-2019 Meeting Dates

The PTO meets Tuesday evenings from 6-7:30pm in the CMS Media Center.

Meetings Dates: